Registering for a league is easy.....getting a spot in a league is a little more tricky! Former teams (meaning teams who participated in most recent league) are guaranteed a spot in the *following league provided they register by the Registration Deadline for their league. After the former team registration deadline, openings that remain are offered to team(s) on the waiting list in the order they were added (chronologically).

*in leagues where teams move up and down according to their final ranking former teams are guaranteed a spot in the league (division) they are eligible for

FYI: Emails are checked more frequently than voice mail!
Please email us for a quick response!
Club Phone #: 713.974.6837

Register Online once your team has a spot in a league.



Former Team Registration is AVAILABLE!!

If you have a new team that would like to play, please EMAIL US to check availability and get your team on the waiting list(s).


We have a new Registration System!