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HOUSTON JUNIORS VOLLEYBALL BEACH (HJV Beach) click here for more info!

A Lifestyle Sport...
Beach Volleyball is a 'lifestyle sport' meaning players live the lifestyle which includes being an overall healthy & fit individual who is able to take the skills they have learned & play the sport for many years to come! Another part of the 'lifestyle' is to have fun & playing Beach Volleyball IS FUN!

Some players' natural talent & ability will lead them to compete at a higher level, which is great. However, others may want to learn the game simply to keep their strength & skills honed for their indoor teams, and of course to have fun in the sun & sand.....both of which are equally important!

BEACH JUNIORS will learn the skills and strategies necessary to compete at their highest level of Beach Volleyball & learn these skills from some of the most experienced coaches in the south!

More about BEACH JUNIORS....practices, water, sunscreen & sunglasses!

Some may wonder why the summer program practices are held in the early evening when it is very hot. The reason being, the game of Beach Volleyball is typically played during the day in the summer. In order to be successful at any level of Beach Volleyball, players must learn how to monitor & be responsible for their own body & their ability or limitations to play in the sun.

Trainers will pay particular attention and watch for the effect of heat on players to insure EVERYONE takes sufficient breaks & encourage players take additional individual breaks whenever they feel necessary. Learning to play Beach Volleyball is NOT an endurance contest! Just as all player's game styles & strengths are different, so is how they are able to handle playing in the sun.

Third Coast also has showers, misting stations, plenty of covered decks, fans & a high quality misting system, as well as a
Rain Room and cabanas where players can go to quickly cool down. Players NEVER need to ask to take a break for water or to cool down!

Please note:
Players/Parents/Spectators may NOT bring drinks and/or coolers onto Third Coast property. There is a cold water fountain on site & drinks available for purchase at the snack bar.

Using sunscreen & wearing sunglasses is REQUIRED for all practices! We feel it is imperative for young players to get in the good habit of applying (& reapplying) sunscreen before & throughout practice, as well making the necessary adjustments to play in sunglasses. Polarized glasses are preferred as they reflect the sun's glare on the sand much better than non-polarized sunglasses.

Beach Juniors is a great way for young volleyball players to have fun this summer while learning the skills necessary for college level Beach Volleyball.

Did we mention it is also really, really fun!?!!?!!?.............