LEAGUE CARDS are our way of saying 'Thanks'
to players who participate in two or more Third Coast leagues during one session.

Players enrolled in at least two leagues in a session can receive
a League Card.
League Cards are available and credited the first night of a league.
It is the responsibility of the player to request a League Card and
have it credited by Third Coast staff.

When a 2014 LEAGUE CARD is complete and turned in, the player is entitled to receive 5 FREE DRINK COUPONS which can be redeemed any time at the Third Coast snack bar.

Players with 2013 League Cards have the option when complete to redeem for either 5 Free Drink Coupons -OR- $15 off a league fee & a drink.

NOTE: Credit is NOT available for past leagues!
Once a league ends, the opportunity to get credit for that league ends too!
*Applies to players enrolled in two or more leagues during the same session. Playing in the same league in back-to-back sessions does not apply.