Third Coast Volleyball Club is an ideal location to
highlight, showcase and advertise your company
and your company's products.

We set ourselves apart from others in the volleyball industry by offering exposure to advertisers at ALL Third Coast events, not just tournaments. This becomes even more important when our clientele's demographics are examined.

Basically, we have Four Levels of Sponsorship. Each level offers not only advertising in the form of banners, logo nets, koozies, and courtside signage -to name just a few- but each Level of Sponsorship also offers something for the company and/or their employees. (ie: a company league team, corporate party, etc.)

Although our Sponsorship Packages are generally defined as to what they contain, we will adjust each package to best fit YOUR COMPANY and the individual advertising needs of your COMPANY'S PRODUCTS.

For more information, or to receive a SPONSORSHIP PACKET please contact us at

A sampling of Third Coast demographics:*

15% of our clientele are between the ages of 21-25
60% are between the ages of 26-35.
25% are between the ages of 36-50.

71% have a Bachelor Degree.
19% have a Master or Doctorate Degree.

3% earn less than $30k/year.
10% earn between $30k - $49k/year.
42% earn between $50k-$75k/year.
25% earn between $75k-$100k/year.
20% earn more than $100k/year.

Over 80% of our clientele are involved in other activities in addition to Beach Volleyball, such as Flag Football, Indoor Volleyball, Softball, Basketball, Cycling, Aerobics, Camping, Running, etc.